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Children's Services

Play therapyAt Child in Mind Ltd our aim is for the services we provide to be responsive to the needs of our clients. For some that is achieved by accessing our flexible Independent Child Therapy Service. Whilst for others, usually schools, their needs may be best met by our Managed Child Therapy Service.
To help you decide which service will be better suited to your needs please read the fuller descriptions, or contact us with details of your requirements and we will endeavour to provide the right service to meet your needs.

Early Help Commitment

We are committed to providing a service that puts the therapeutic needs of children first. We attempt at all times to provide the right help, at the right time, in the right place, and by the right person. In an attempt to meet this objective Child in Mind:
  • Use only fully qualified therapists, trained in the specific approach that is assessed as being right for your child.
  • Choose not to hold a waiting list. If we are unable to meet the need we will be honest about that, and where possible make alternative recommendations. 
  • Provide a school-based service throughout the North West as well as a therapy centre based service in Eccles

Independent Child Therapy Services

As an independent provider of Child Therapy services, Child in Mind Ltd accepts referrals directly from parents and carers as well as all front line children's services, GP services, adoption and fostering agencies, schools, children's centres etc.
At Child in Mind Ltd we are committed to providing an equitable service that is accessible to all children. By keeping our outgoings as low as possible we can deliver a service that is financially accessible, not only to agencies but also to families who are self funding.
We also acknowledge the need to deliver services in the heart of communities, and through negotiations with schools, and childrens centres we can do just that, making our service flexible, socially accessible and within reach of all families in need.

Managed Child Therapy Services

This service is most commonly used in primary schools. Teachers are frequently amongst the first professionals to identify emotional difficulties in the children within their class. However, with Educational Psychology and CAMH Services frequently 
overstretched, schools are often left struggling to cope alone with increasing numbers of children with complex emotional difficulties, and their associated behavioural difficulties. 
In our experience Head Teachers are more than happy to have a Child Therapy service based in school, however the planning, implementing, and managing of such a service makes it an impossible task for most Heads with an already full schedule. Child in Mind Ltd provide a fully managed service from the start. We will begin by carrying out an initial needs and resources assessment to ascertain the level of service required to meet the need in your school. We will then follow a carefully planned and agreed procedure based on a service level agreement to fully implement the service into your school.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a well recognised psychological intervention specifically suited to children and adolescents aged 3-16.
Non-Directive Play Therapy is an approach that works particularly well with children as it allows them to communicate through their natural medium of expression – play. Through therapeutic play the child is able to identify, work through and resolve emotional conflicts that are too painful or too difficult to express verbally, or that may in fact be outside conscious awareness. The approach encompasses all creative therapies and uses such therapeutic media as Sand, Art, Clay, Dance and Movement, Drama, Music, and Puppets.
Modern day Play Therapy is based on the work of Virginia Axline who was influenced by the person centred approach of Carl Rogers. She is widely recognised as the originator of non directive Play Therapy. Axline in turn influenced Violet Oaklander who added a gestalt therapy approach to play therapy and extended the 'tool-kit' concept as described in her book 'Windows to Our Children'.

Filial Play Therapy

Filial Play Therapy is a relatively new therapeutic intervention that combines Play Therapy with Family Therapy. Filial Therapists are qualified, experienced Play Therapists who have undergone further intensive training in this approach.
Filial Therapists work in partnership with parents/carers in a carefully supervised way, training them in the basic principles of non-directive play. This training provides the parent/carer with new skills and attitudes that they use in special weekly play times with their children. Throughout this process the Filial Therapist offers ongoing training and supervision to help the parent/carer more fully understand their child.
In this approach parents/carers act as agents for change in their child's lives. Research* endorses the efficacy of this approach and supports the involvement of parents/carers in their child's therapy. Filial therapy is highly effective and because parents experience first hand the benefit of their involvement in non-directive play sessions there is a tendency to continue after Filial Therapy ends. Filial Therapy strengthens families and enhances the parent-child relationship.

DDP - Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) was created by Dr Dan Hughes as a treatment for families with adopted or fostered children who had experienced neglect and abuse in their birth families and suffered from significant developmental trauma.
DDP is based on and brings together attachment theory, what we understand about developmental trauma, the neurobiology of trauma, attachment and caregiving, intersubjectivity theory and child development.

Within DDP the therapist helps family members to develop healthy patterns of relating and communicating which help them all to feel safe and connected. This is achieved by helping parents with day to day parenting based on principles of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) as well as through therapeutic sessions. Having the parents involved in the therapeutic process means the child receives experience of safety and corrective attachments with those who matter most.

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy may be more suited to adolescents as they become more able to engage in the verbal processing of their emotions and bodily expressions. This therapy provides a vehicle for outward expression of internal distress. The therapist works with the client to facilitate an exploration of what is being expressed. This expression may take whatever form the client chooses, this may be through the use of therapeutic media such as art; dance and movement; drama; storytelling; music; or puppets.
This therapy is ideal for adults and adolescents who are wanting to explore their own process in a creative way. It is also a recommendation for trainee Play Therapists as part of their ongoing commitment to self-awareness and self-growth that is essential when working with clients. 

Are you concerned about a child?

If you feel our services might help a child you know then please contact Jayne or Katy at Child in Mind Ltd for advice and information on fees.

*Bratton, S., Ray, D., Rhine, T., & Jones, L. (2005). The efficacy of play therapy with children: A Meta-analytic review of the outcome research. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 36(4), 376-390.

Child in Mind Ltd believe in equal access for all and welcome enquiries from minority groups.