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Our announcements page is intended to keep you up to date with things happening within Child in Mind, within our community, and within our profession. If you have any news that you feel may be useful to share do let us know and we will share it for you here.

March, 2023

The Child in Mind wellbeing day was a great success. Thank you to our fabulous team of therapists for everything they bring to the service and to our young clients.

8th September, 2022

It is with such sadness that we hear the news that our Queen has died today. She will be such a loss to so many people, to our nation, and to the world. The rainbows that filled the sky following her death are a reminder (to me) to find the time to be still and to look closely,  there is hope in the darkest of storms.

September, 2022

A very warm welcome after the summer break, to all our children and families at The Lodge, and to the schools we work with as part of our outreach service. We feel very privileged to be walking alongside you. 

August, 2022

It is with great sadness that we learn today of the death of Paul Wilkins, author of Next Steps in Counselling. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family and friends. The Person-Centred community mourns the loss of another colleague.

July, 2022

Our staff wellbeing day is now within touching distance. Thank you wonderful team for all you continue to give to Child in Mind and to the children and families we work with. 

June, 2022

'You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them" 

Maya Angelou

April, 2022

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter. 

March, 2022

We are very pleased to hear that the government have extended the funding for post adoption support for another five years. This is good news for so many adoptive families who are in need of therapeutic support.

September, 2020

Our Diploma in Person-Centred Play Therapy students returned to The Lodge for a weekend of connection, personal process, and skills practice before they resume their academic journey next week. 

It really is great to have you back.

September, 2020

We are really looking forward to welcoming back to The Lodge our Diploma in Person-Centred Play Therapy students. What a journey you are having. We've missed you!

August, 2020

COVID-19 Secure Child and Family Therapy Centre!!!

We are very pleased to be able to provide a COVID-19 secure environment for our fabulous staff team, and the children and families we work with. The mental health of children & families has always been at the heart of everything we do, however in recent months we have had to widen our focus. How we keep people safe physically as well as mentally in the face of a pandemic became a priority...and of course we did it!!!

We are confident that the safeguards we have put in place offer an environment that is COVID-19 secure as well as therapeutically meaningful. 

May, 2020

We have worked within government guidelines, with the support of our professional body (BACP), along with our insurance providers to find flexible ways that we can still deliver a meaningful therapeutic service to you. Thank you to our dedicated team of truly are remarkable. Thank you to the many Head Teachers and Social Workers that have shared our passion to keep the children in mind. Our combined efforts have meant that we now have plans in place for most of our clients, whilst also reaching out to support the children of key workers who are understandably worried for their parents.

April, 2020

At Child in Mind we have always put the best interests of the children and families we work with at the heart of what we do. Now more than ever it has felt important that we continue to do that. We have been working hard to find ways to continue to support the children and families we are working with and to remain open-hearted in our response. 

April, 2020

Child in Mind is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation with the new coronavirus. The safety and wellbeing of both our staff, and the children and families we work with is at the forefront our decision-making. As we navigate this new terrain please be assured that we will continue to keep the best interests of our clients at the heart of any changes to service provision.

April, 2020

Huge thanks to our wonderful Pam (Senior Child & Family Therapist) for creating such a lovely video...let's all keep looking for rainbows as we move through this current storm.

April, 2020

Great team effort today for Joe Wicks' Fancy Dress Friday...go team!

March, 2020

A big thank you to the ****** family for generously donating a book subscription to a Child in Mind family. Thank you for keeping the children we work with in mind. 

March, 2020

What difficult times we are living in. Our hearts go out to all the children and families we are working with at the moment. Stay safe, stay strong and stay connected. We are working very hard to explore how we can continue to support you as we navigate this new reality. 

December, 2019

Thank you to all our wonderful staff, colleagues, students and members of the public who contributed gifts in support of Child in Mind's chosen charity Wood Street Mission to help children and families in Salford and Manchester this Christmas. Together we have made a difference to families struggling to make ends meet.

December, 2019

Child in Mind is proud to be supporting Wood Street Mission this Christmas. Thank you to staff, colleagues, and students who have already contributed gifts for children in Manchester and Salford whose families are struggling to make ends meet. If you would like to help make Christmas just a little more special for local children you can drop off your gifts at The Lodge by 11th December. We will be taking them to the Mission on Thursday 12th December.

November, 2019

Maya Cockburn will be running a wonderful retreat in Portugal next year. If you are interested you can find more information on Maya's website  It really does sound fabulous. 

November, 2019

Our grateful thanks go to visiting tutor, Dance Movement Therapist, Maya Cockburn. She enabled our students to deepen their self-awareness through movement. Many students referred to their experience as 'profound'. Thank you Maya.

November, 2019

Residential weekend was a huge success for our first year play therapy students. So much growth and personal truly is a privilege to watch you all develop.

November, 2019

Child in Mind would like to wish Andrew Reeves well as he steps down from his role as Chair of BACP. A warm welcome to Natalie Bailey incoming Chair Person. It is our hope that during this term we may see school-based therapy become a government led agenda in England.

October, 2019

We are delighted to welcome another two play therapists onto our wonderful team. Child in Mind is now supporting more children than ever through our school-based therapy service.

September, 2019

Our new cohort of Person-Centred Play Therapy students have begun their learning journey with Child in Mind Academy. We are very pleased to welcome them and look forward to supporting them as they progress through their training.

August, 2019

We are very excited to announce our new training schedule for the next year. I hope you will find something that takes your eye. 

August, 2019

Our long awaited new website is launched! Phew what a task...let us know what you think.

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