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"My mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive"


Maya Angelou

Therapy Services

Child in Mind offer a range of therapy services. We listen very carefully to your need​s as a referrer, and carry out therapeutic assessments to make sure that each individual client receives the most appropriate therapy for them. An individual plan of work is agreed and the work is reviewed at specific points along the way. We are committed to providing a quality service that is measured, and responsive to the needs of the client. Some of the range of services we offer are listed below. 
We accept referrals from Education, Social Care and other Local Authority teams, and the NHS. Child in Mind has been registered with the NHS as an independent provider of therapeutic services since 2009.


Our Services

Play therapy is a well recognised approach specifically suited to children with a developmental age of 3-12 yrs. Person-centred play therapy enables children to communicate through their natural medium of expression - play! Through play the child is able to identify, work through, and resolve emotional conflicts that are too painful or too difficult to express verbally, or that may in fact be outside conscious awareness.

Filial therapists are qualified play therapists who have undergone further intensive training to work with this approach. Filial therapy is a blend of play therapy and family therapy that strengthens families and enhances the parent-child relationship. The Filial therapist works in close partnership with parents in a carefully supervised way to equip them with the basic skills of person-centred play therapy. This is a highly effective approach.


Creative Therapy

This is an ideal therapy for adolescents as they become more able to engage in the verbal processing of emotions and bodily expressions. this therapy provides a vehicle for the outward expression of internal distress. The therapist works with the client to facilitate an exploration of what is being expressed. This therapy is ideal for adolescents and adults wanting to explore their own process in a more creative way.


Therapeutic parenting

Therapeutic parenting can best be thought of as a 'way of being' that is a real must for parents/carers of children impacted by developmental trauma. Children, for whom early life was a series of cruel events, had to learn adaptive strategies in order to survive. Their new adoptive/foster families often need support to discover within themselves a way of being that is most helpful to the wounded child.



Counselling provides adults and young people with a regular, confidential space to talk through any problems or worries they are experiencing. It can be a useful space to clarify thinking and explore emotions linked to both past and present issues. Counselling can often lead to a deeper understanding of the difficulties being experienced, a greater self-awareness and an overall increase in emotional wellbeing.


Trauma-Focused Therapy

Complex trauma occurs when children are subject to ongoing conditions that leave them believing their life is threatened and they have no sense of protection from the caregiver. The impact of childhood trauma can be far-reaching, as every area of life can be impacted. We work with individuals of any age in a trauma-focused way to try to unlock the chains that keep them bound to the past.


Getting support

If you are concerned about a child or young person and would like to talk to us about the services we offer please do get in touch,
either by completing the referral form above or by emailing Jayne
At Child in Mind we keep children at the heart of our decision making. We believe no child should have to wait for therapeutic support, if we cannot provide a service we will always try to recommend other agencies who may be able to help.

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