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"You can't use up creativity...

The more you use, the more you have"

                                                                                           Maya Angelou

Creative Arts Therapy

What is creative arts therapy?

Creative arts therapy is a psychotherapeutic way of working with young people and adults that can provide a vehicle for outward expression of internal distress. The therapist works with the client to gently facilitate an authentic sharing of thoughts, feelings and bodily expressions through whichever creative media the client chooses.

Why is creative arts therapy useful?

Creative expression has the potential to reach deeper into the client's inner world than words alone. When facilitated by a therapist who can understand and gently hold and explore these expressions, clients feel safely held and free to explore their authentic inner world and the psychological conflicts that bring them to therapy.

What changes can I hope to see?

Creative Arts Therapy fosters emotional healing and resolves inner conflicts. When individuals feel accepted, known, heard and understood through the process of therapy they begin the process of emotional healing that leads to self-acceptance and compassion for self and others. As the nervous system begins to calm, over time old patterns of behaviour and ways of interacting with others begin to change as the unconscious survival mechanisms are needed less and less. 


How do I make a referral?

Child in Mind accepts referrals for young people from schools (through our school therapy service), local authority teams, fostering and adoption agencies, regional adoption agencies. We do not currently accept private referrals from parents.

If you are concerned about a young person you know please complete our referral form and return via secure email to

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